About Me

Hello, my name is Marta, I live in Cantabria and I am the creator-founder of Renaturis. I studied Business Studies at the University of Cantabria, so for most of my life I have worked in the financial area of ​​different companies, especially in the international field. However, it was not until a few years ago that I discovered that what I really love is the environment. I have always been very enthusiastic and aware of the environment, since I was young I have always been especially attracted to everything related to nature and its conservation. Maybe all those concerns that I always had, arose when I started as a runner a few years ago, more specifically as a trail runner. It’s something I do for a hobby and that hooked me from the first moment I tried it, maybe because of that feeling of outdoor freedom in a purer and more natural environment. Soon I realized the need for good hydration and that I should almost necessarily use the classic plastic containers to transport liquids, but it’s something I’ll talk about later in some of the publications. 


Renaturis was born as an alternative to all those non-biodegradable packaging, mostly plastic, used excessively and whose recycling is a serious environmental problem for the biological balance of our planet. The magnitude of the problem is such that some countries are already adopting new laws that regulate this excessive use, which has seriously affected our rivers, oceans, animal species and natural environment. Through this blog I will publish important information about the environment that I have found during my research, and that I believe, that will undoubtedly help us improve and change our consumption habits. And, if we have a closer look, many of these habits are unhealthy for us and also compromise the health and future of our planet. I hope that you also participate with your opinions and that together we help to find the environmental balance, looking for less harmful and sustainable alternatives that we need so much to preserve and improve our environment and its resources.