Renaturis is funded as an alternative to plastic. Plastic is massively employed in food industry, and its effects on food are potentially harmful for humans, and also for the environment due to its difficult biodegradation when discarded.

In our daily lives we observed the huge amount of plastic that we discarded weekly, coming from acquired food and products wraps. Apart from that, another source of discarded plastic was food wraps employed to protect food pieces or parts. Furthermore, the numerous artificial components of those plastic food wraps, that may be transferred to food, made us think about healthier and more natural alternatives.

Based on experiences referred by other people worried about this issue, we decided to fabricate our own ecological and natural food wraps, that are reusable and easily biodegradable when discarded. It was not an easy task, but finally we think we have achieved a product that can perfectly match its intended use.

The use of our eco wraps will facilitate a reduction in discarded food plastic. As a  consequence, our eco wraps will favour an improvement in personal and environmental health. We cordially invite you to join us in this global effort of local actions. We hope this small step will contribute to change our society mind and to make more and more corporations to use more natural and sustainable solutions.