1. What's an eco food wrap?

This is a natural food wrap, reusable and free from plastic, aluminum and toxic products. It will not contaminate food in contact with the wrap, and let it transpire. It is an organic, reusable and sustainable product. It is handmade with GOTS-certified organic cotton, beeswax, pure jojoba oil and tree resin. Jojoba oil and beeswax have antiseptic and conservative properties, which allow food to be maintained fresh and healthy.


2. How is it used?

Warmth and manipulation of your hands will soften the wrap and make it acquire the shape of food or the recipient. Once in place, it will cool down in seconds, while conserving the given shape.

At the beginning the wrap could leave tiny amounts of beeswax on the recipients on which it is used, but this effect will diminish with the subsequent uses. Any case, if this would happen it could be easily cleaned with a sponge.

We advice not to use it with raw meat or fish.

The wrap can be employed with frozen food.


3. How to clean?

The wrap can be washed with cool water and mild liquid soap, gently rubbing. Let it dry by itself, and store in a dry cool location, far from heat sources.


4. How long does it last?

Although it depends on how frequently and with how much care it is used, the wrap could last until1 year.